How to support us:

The Sea Search team works on a variety of research projects. To ensure the execution of these projects, we are highly dependent on contributions and donations from people like you. If you would like to support us in our research, please fill in your name and email, and find our bank details below. There is also an option through SnapScan. We thank you very much for your support!

Our Bank Details:

  • Name: Sea Search Research and Conservation
  • Bank: First National Bank
  • Branch Code: 200409
  • Account#: 62593336780


Available Projects:

Cape Fur Seals

During our work we have seen more and more direct impacts humans on endemic Cape fur seals sea birds, especially the Endangered Cape cormorant. The animals are being injured and killed in plastic waste – often related to industry, as well as facing starvation (2020 and 2021 seasons!). Entangled animals face a slow and painful death. Cormorant chicks are born into nests filled with cable ties and fishing line – facing death within a few hours of hatching.  We are working to document and scale and location of these issues to find and target solutions.  Support this work directly through  GoFUNDme

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Humpback Dolphin Research

Humpback dolphins are Southern Africa’s most endangered cetacean.  Sea Search are founding members of the SouSA consortium a group of researchers working to protect this species. We are currently running a three year project developing new acoustic methods which will allow us better understand their movements and numbers – core information needed for their protection

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The Namibian Dolphin Project

Established in 2008, the NDP is our core and longest running project. Primarily focused on the conservation ecology of Heaviside’s dolphins and common bottlenose dolphins, we work on a wide range of topics in Namibia including large whale ecology, marine turtles, dolphin acoustic communication and Marine Protected Areas.

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